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From: Kevin Blah
Subject: forvever chapter 4 - for the gay/young-friends sectionHey everyone.. More good responses so I'm still gonna keep going. Here's the
fourth installment. Read on!--------Forever - Chapter 4The next morning I felt a small tickle on my dick that woke me up. Damon was
sucking me off in my sleep. I assumed my posistion preteen bbs sexy and was pushing my hips
into Damon's sweet mouth. He was licking all around my dickhead, and on the
lower part on kiddy pedo preteen the bottom that feels sooo great. I put my hands on his head
and helped him suck me harder. It was feeling really hot now and I knew I
was soon going to cum. I grunted and told him, "Dammonnn, Ii'mm
cummmming!!!!" through clenched teeth. He tried to swallow everything, but
missed a few drops, so he licked it all up. I felt really warm inside. I
knew today was going to be a good day. Then, my stomach felt tiny cute preteens like it was
going to drop to the floor."Ugh..""Kevin? What's wrong baby?" He came up to me and sat on my lap with his arm
around me."I just realized that my dad will be coming home today."He pouted at me, "Ohh.. I forgot about that. That sucks.""Fucking right it sucks.""Well let's make the most out of today then."I said, "Okay babe." And kissed him on the cheek. He answered back with a
kiss on my neck and then we started to make out. Our preteen hardcore nude hips were grinding
against each other and I could feel his hot, sticky body from getting hot
during sleep. I wanted his dick in my mouth so badly.He sat on the edge of the bed, with his legs hanging off, so I got on my
knees on the floor and took his sweet dick right in. His entire five inches
was throbbing in my mouth, and I could already taste his precum. He was
extremely horny today. All it took was twenty or thirty sucks up and down,
and he was groaning and pushing preteen brasil
his delicious cock into my throat. I don't
remember it being down in my throat this far before, and I could feel his
pubes touching my nose. I grabbed his ass with one hand, and his balls with
the other, and this put him in complete ecstasy. He let out a loud roar and
came in my mouth. Seven spurts total, which was a lot more than he had ever
done before.He sighed, signaling that his huge orgasm was over, and then collapsed onto
me. I picked him up, and layed him down on the bed. He was completely down
and I was crawling on all fours up his body, and planted a kiss right on his
sexy lips. He pushed his tongue through both of our lips and right into my
mouth. He now had his arms around me and it was really sexy. I pulled off of
him and said,"Hate to break a good moment, but it's time for me to get a shower.""Yeah, I know.. I need one too.""Well this time I'll be ready for ya when you hop in with me." I gave him a
smile with this.I got into the shower and started washing myself, and Damon didn't come in
this time. I was curious about this, so I was gonna ask him after I put on
my clothes.I walked out into the kitchen and noticed Damon sitting in one of the dinner
table chairs looking at me sternly. He looked really serious, and didn't
even smile at me. Something was up, and I wanted to know what."Damon, what's wrong, buddy?""I've been thinking about it, and it all makes sense now.""What makes sense? What are you talking about?""You know what I'm talking about." He looked like he was ready to cry."Come on, Damon. I can't fix anything if you don't tell me what's wrong.""You're just using me for sex.""WHAT?! Why the fuck would I do that?!" How could he think something like
this???"The only reason you wanted me over was so you could get some sex from me.""What are you talking about? I've always assumed you gay! I can't believe
this!""Sure you can't."I got close to him and tried to hug him."Get the fuck away from me, bastard.""What?" I was in tears.The next thing that happened, pushed me over the edge. He got up, and left.
He walked straight out of my door. Sure, it was only a fifteen minute walk,
but I thought I would go catch him. Then.. I suddenly decided not to. I preteen lilita models had
a nervous breakdown and plopped down in the chair and started crying with my
head in my hands."What did I do.. What the hell did I do.. GOD DAMMIT!!!!!" I picked up the
plate that was on the table and threw it at the wall. It smashed into the
wall, and dropped to the floor, with glass shrapnel flying every which way.I banged my fist down on the table. Why was this happening? I loved Damon so
much? What would cause him so much anger like this?Then the phone rang.I expected it to be Damon, but it was my dad. He told me that his business
trip got really extended and that he wouldn't be home for another two weeks,
leaving me, home alone, by myself for two weeks straight. I hung up the
phone. Hesitated a bit, then picked it up a bit and dialed Damons number."What now Kevin?" Was what he said when he picked up."Damon, I want cute barefoot preteen
to apologize for whatever I did. I don't know what I did but
please please PLEASE forgive me. I love you so much. From the momen that picture preteen thong I
first met you, I was in love. Please believe me. You even told me that you
were too.. I love you Damon. I still do. There shouldn't be any reason why
this happened. Now please, come back over to my house, okay? My dad won't be
home for another two weeks."Damon let out a big sigh."Kevin, I want to apologize also. I don't know why I did that. I guess I was
just getting angry at something that wasn't really there. I really screwed
up. I just had an emotional outburst for some reason. It's sexy preteen models hard to explain,
but please understand, Kevin. I love you too."My tears of sadness turned into tears of joy."Kevin, I'm going to come back over in a few minutes. Let me get some things
for the next two weeks, remember we'll still have school. My mom doens't
care what I do, so I'll just tell her that I'm coming over for awhile. She
won't mind.""Ok, baby. I accept your apology too.""I love you, Kevin.""Love ya too, Damon."And we both hung up tropical preteen model
the phone. In about a half an hour of pacing back and
forth in my living room, he finally knocked on my door. I opened it, and
there was my love, Damon. He dropped his bags when he came in, and put his
arms around me and said,"I'm sorry Kevin, I'm so so sorry.""It's alright, Damon. Sometimes we all preteens masturbation pics get angry at stuff, and don't realize
it.""Ok."That night we went out for pizza again. We tried to head back to my house
early, so that we could have plenty of sleep since we had to wake up at six
in the morning. He pulled off kiddy pedo preteen his pants, and saw that he was wearing my
favorite boxers on him. The really loose ones with the red and white
checkers."How did you get those?""I grabbed them while you were in the shower." He evilly hot preteen ed grinned at me."You know they're my favorite, right?""Yup." He giggled.I took off my clothes and we both turned in at about ten-thirty. I snuggled
up close to him, and he snuggled up close to me. I kissed him one last kiss
on the lips goodnight, and we dozed off.--------Ok everyone.. That's it for chapter four. I'll be writing five tomorrow, and
from the look of it, Damon and Kevin are gonna be having plenty more
adventures for you all to read. See ya! :)
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